IWO: some history


How to stop the rape of women and young girls?

Every day Indian women and young girls are being raped and brutally killed by criminals. The reason is that Indian women and young girls are not aware of the Indian constitution’s fundamental rights, laws and acts protecting women. So IWO activists first built an IWO local committee. They teach women and young girls about Indian constitution fundamental rights, women protecting laws and how to take women’s laws support, how to stop women’s killings, how to stop baby’s killings for dowry fear and how to ask for police action. Already, 150 criminal rapists, murderers and dowry killers have been arrested by police. All thanks to IWO activities.

IWO chief leaders have monthly meetings with all IWO committee members and volunteers. In these meetings women discuss how to solve different problems. When needed, leaflets  are printed in local languages.

When women or young girls are raped by criminals, IWO activists organise a protest rally with masses of women in the streets and demand police action and criminals detention. Criminals are changing thanks to the Indian Women Organization’s activists. They show more respect to Indian girls and women.

 Thungathurthi village story: 

Thungathurthi is a large  village in the Nalgonda district, Telangana State of India. Thungathurthi has a population of 8379 inhabitants of which 3727 are males and 4652 are females, according to the 2011 Population Census. Women and young girls are suffering the most violence there.   Women kill their babies after giving birth because of dowry fear and women and young girls are  murdered. “Pedhamanusulu” mean bigger men who are doing sitting settlements without laws. Rapist criminals and murderers have escaped from prison and women protesting against laws receive bigger fines than men. This encourages crime. Women and young girls are suffering the most. Once our IWO activists went to the village and created an IWO committee with 25 executive members. The committee has 5 leaders, a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a joint secretary and a treasurer under laws.

One day IWO chief leaders called all village women and young girls for a meeting at the government school ground.IWO chief leaders informed them about women protecting laws and dowry prohibition acts. They called women to unite under the IWO village committee.

IWO activists taught women how to protect themselves from rapists and murderers, how to take women’s laws support, how to stop women’s killings, how to stop baby’s killings right after birth and how to ask for police action. IWO activists told women and young girls not to go to Bigger men’s sitting settlement without women protest laws, not to kill babies after giving birth with dowry fear and to take IWO village committee support. Women in Thungathurthi  now ask for IWO activists support every time they have a problem.

One day, Ravi raped a 19-year-old girl called Rani. At the time the bigger men “pedha manusulu” called the victim’s parents for a meeting but the victim’s parents avoided their call. The bigger men were angry with the girl’s parents, but parents asked IWO activists for help. IWO activists filed a complaint with the police, with a good witness. The police arrested  the rapist Ravi. And so the village women and girls took courage from that incident. Now women and girls are happier. They raised an IWO white flag. What does the white flag mean? Liberty for Indian women and a peaceful safe life.